MixMedia joined the Alpha Challenge 2021

On Sunday 25 July, a few team members from MixMedia Group took part in the Sentinel Challenge, the first of three events of this year’s Alpha Challenge: Tri-Pha series. The Mixfits definitely took up the challenge head on!

Since 2018, MixMedia Group has actively participated in the annual Alpha Challenge with the exception being 2020 as a consequence of the Covid19 pandemic. Now that it’s back this year, D’Sunlit Sdn Bhd, the organisers of the Alpha Challenge decided to ramp up the events by introducing the Tri-Pha series. Three events spread across the year that is aimed to test the mettle of even the most avid action enthusiast!

Alongside just above 1800 other thrill seekers, the five brave souls took to the field at Taman Rekreasi Jalan Menteri Besar on a Sunday morning where their trial began. A 5km run with 15 obstacles stood in their path and the Mixfits performed magnificently. While there weren’t any competition rankings and timings (those would apply in the next two events of the series) the Sentinel Challenge offered a taste of what was to come later in the year.

The next event in the series planned in October, the Beta Challenge, features a 10KM race with 18 obstacles, the Mixfits would need to do significant preparation if they want to participate. MixMedia Group encourages the team members to maintain a healthy work life balance, promoting a wide range of healthy activities that they can enjoy.

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