MixMedia Signs MOU with MKM for an Official Website

On Friday, 2nd October 2020, MixMedia and Brunei Council of Social Welfare (MKM) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) at the new MKM office in the Anggerek Desa Technology Park, to work on enhancing the new MKM website through digitalizing the volunteer registration and donation efforts by MKM. For the next five years, MixMedia will help maintain and host the newly launched MKM website, which was initially developed by a team of government officers as part of their management course.


The MOU was signed in conjunction with the launching of the MKM website and the handover ceremony of MKM’s new office from the Prime Minister Office. In attendance were YB Dato Hj Aminuddin Ihsan, the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports; Tuan Yusof Halim and Datin Paduka Hjh Intan Hj Mohd Kassim, the Presidents of MKM; Michelle Lo, the Deputy CEO of MixMedia; members of MKM, government officers and team members of MixMedia.


Brunei Council of Social Welfare (MKM) is an NGO established to address social issues in Brunei, and provide assistance and improve the welfare of the vulnerable in Brunei. MKM have also extended their help outside of Brunei, and volunteers and donors are welcomed to contribute to any of their causes or projects both outside and locally.


MixMedia is offering our expertise by developing new tools and features on the new MKM website where people can register as volunteers online, making the process more seamless. Donors who wish to contribute monetary donation may also register online and donate to their cause of choice via a secure payment gateway system on the enhanced website in the next development phase.


As part of our CSR efforts, MixMedia will further develop, maintain and host the MKM website for the next five years until 2025. We believe in the values and aspiration of MKM and hope to adapt these good practices to our own playground. We hope this effort will instil a sense of giving not just within our team members but also to our own families and communities.